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with oxi booster for brighter whites and vibrant colors. visit us at he grew up allowed of his silicon valley home into leading technology company now steve jobs' is dead at the age of 56 good afternoon i'm steve sanders >>off and the nancy loo we welcome our viewers watching us around america on wgn america and on the web sandra endo looks back on the life of a man who moved technology forward. >>today apple is going to reinvent the phone >>some liken steve jobs to modern-day thomas edison, despite his understated appearance he was legendary for his flair and for his showmanship >>ask yourselves what would happen if a math book and and i pad hooked up ... >>he was born in san francisco in 1955 and had 20 years old he started apple computer with a friend at his home in 10 years it grew into a $2 billion company with more than 4000 police and in 1984 apple introduced a machine that literally change lives forever the macintosh. >>people would bring them home over the weekend to work on something and sunday morning they could get their kids away from them and
'm nancy loo we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. the 10 month old lisa irwin was last seen asleep in her crib and 1030 monday night. when 100 kansas city police officers, fbi agents, and firefighters are looking for her. authorities said her parents were questioned and more cooperative. if the amber alert was issued yesterday morning but was then canceled last night. police said that the alert was no longer necessary although she is still considered missing an endangered. >>amanda knox is spending her first full day back home for the first time in four years >>thanks to everyone who supported me defended me and my family >>sheet thanked the crowd emotionally who greeted her last evening and she and her family arrived in seattle one day earlier an italian court acquitted her of the murder of her roommate british exchange student meredith kercher. knox's parents are grateful to everyone who supported their family as well as the italian lawyers who fought on her behalf. >>all i can say is again thanking you. it is because of th
jordan. >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country and on wgn america and on the web ... julian crews as a live report outside wrigley field >>the cubs front office declined to comment but a sports talk radio station in boston said it's a done deal theo epstein is coming to the chicago cubs >>member will get some championships hopefully >>you cannot count your chickens before they hatch but the cubs fans are hoping for the best this is the latest report and a flurry of bulletins reporting that it's likely that the red sox general manager is ready to jump. it's impossible to know whether his representatives are posturing the cubs are refusing to comment he has one more year left on his contract with boston. most teams would take pains not to tamper with anyone still under contract. >>there's centuries' worth of emotional baggage to be overcome here with chicago cubs fans but if anyone can help them it is believed it is theo epstein. >>he's a good baseball guy ... he knows which strings depaul which players to bring an and had put a team toge
that afternoon i am steve sanders >>and i'm dina bair we thank you for joining us >>the top story is muammar gadhafi was killed today after an air strike on his convoy a ... we have a disturbing image that appears to confirm his death ... details of the events that led to his killing are still coming in ... but it is believed that muammar gadhafi tried to make an early morning escape from the compound where he was hiding near sirte. he was stopped by a nato airstrike and captured our role forces who found him wounded and hiding in a drainage tunnel senator john mccain welcomed the news but cautioned that libya still has lots of work to do >>this is just the beginning we know how hard democracy is and will need lots of assistance necessarily an aid money but in other ways that we should be eager to provide when news broke of muammar gadhafi staff libyans erupted in celebration. he ruled libya for 42 years. three of his children have fled the country at least three of his sons a thought to be dead. joining us now is our terrorism analyst, depaul professor tom mockaitis >>there were repor
are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. we have a live report from the cta ... emma a looming $277 million budget deficit faces the cta for 2012. they have fathered 554 million over the last several years and its borrowing authority has maxed out ... >>the agency must cut costs in part by getting rid of archaic and expensive work rules ... forrest claypool is looking for ways to vow to counter the unprecedented amount of gaming of the system ... >>will lose one additional month for each rail and bus worker when it comes to on schedules absences ... the four day work week has really arrived here at the agency ... >> we have late breaking news after weeks of speculation new jersey gov. chris christie is making his announcement let's listen ... >>i felt an obligation to earnestly consider the advice i was receiving for running for president >>together with my wife and children i believe week seriously considered the obligation i had to think about that ... >>over the last few weeks i thought long and hard i've weighed all the options i listen to lots of people and
sheamerica's war in iraq will be over. the u.s. pulling out of iraq by the end of the year it that means tens of thousands of troops will be headed home for the holidays. good evening to item largest duarte. >> declaring he is keeping a promise, president barack obama withdrawing u.s. troops from iraq the u.s. expected thousands of soldiers would stay to treat iraqi forces. the president is pulling them. 39,000 troops will leave iraq by the end of december, 160 will stay to guard the u.s. embassy in 4400 u.s. troops gave their lives. the president says troops will leave with heads held high. in the u.s. is moving forward the long war and iraq will come to an end by the end of this year. the transition in afghanistan is moving forward and our troops are finally coming home. >> the president says those hose homecomings will play out across the country in time for the holidays >> but it will be a bittersweet time for families who lost loved ones. dan ponce is at the national guard armory in north riverside with reaction tonight. >> soldiers in family members we spoke with t
are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web >>police took the man into custody ran 83 last and recovered a weapon but there won't say where they arrested him >>frederick collins has details >>the first of frank holland has details >>2:00 in the morning saturday was the first incident the second incident happened to a few hours later >>it happened on the platform of the red line once again >>it has people worried >>it's pretty terrible i would not want to be up there at night. >>i just move to the area it seemed pretty safe but hearing this ... >>fortunately nobody was hurt just their cellular phones were taken >>bones are found at a work site in norridge contractors discovered the bones as they dug in an alleyway the remains were found under concrete the medical examiner's examining those bonds there said that former residents used to bury dead animals in the backyard there >>bonds are also discovered at a construction site in the river north neighborhood the bones were found in the basement a building at kinzie and court jester morning. the cook county medic
welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. the president is speaking today at the university of colorado denver campus he is talking about two new student loan initiatives the department of education will begin offering in january. one would push up the start date for favorable terms on a special loan repayment program based on income. an investigation into the identities of several john wayne gacy victims reunites one-family after 34 years. >>muriel clair has the story >>19 year-old harold wayne lovell disappeared in 1977. he was found alive in florida and was reunited with his brother and sister yesterday an alabama. he apparently left, after falling out with his mother. after the john wayne gacy story broke his mother believe that a piece of jewelry found in the crawl space of john wayne gacy home belonged to her son two weeks ago allow full family contacted the cook county sheriff's office which does reopen the gacy case and an effort to identify eight still i didn't unidentified victims. they wanted to submit a genetic profile for
used to throw the football around here he was a nice cool person to hang out with wrong place at the wrong time >> community activist in chicago touching base with you inside with the family serious issues on their mind not just medical they want the community to speak up >> what think the community to speak up to turn the perpetrators and should not have happened and the pilots needs to stop some staff members and the school and community everybody outraged at this is a young man that place sports that goes to school and that when it comes to someone pulling a gun and shooting out to children and everybody must get upset and give chicago police department information to stop these criminals tonight >> frustration for family sounds like a broken record another innocent good kid caught in the line of fire what is going to change at this point? speaking up is that the best we can do? >> speaking up at the same time something happening ahead of time premeditated walking on route with a gun should be called and right away may have been prevented if somebody knew these individu
us around the country on wgn america and on the web. >>the high wind warning is on the alert from this afternoon until 10 and the morning tomorrow nancy loo is live >>flood warnings will not take into effect until 3:00 this afternoon here on the lakeshore. hang onto your hats your hoods and everything else the windy city is not only windy today there is driving rain. >>last week was unusually warm this is harder to get used to >>its stamp and its miserable >> >>as countless people are learning today you may not want to bother with an umbrella ... >>i know better on a windy day not to use an umbrella but i love the weather on a winter person >>churning waters and high waves along the lakefront waves could reach over 20 ft. stay away from the bicycle and jogging paths this afternoon >>you cannot go that direction any more the city has shut down part of these pathways along the lakefront because of the high wind today the downed trees and power lines are expected to soar emergency crews are at the ready lakefront homeowners are urged to bring in any lawn furniture that could b
a bill to stop the practice entirely slamming shut lupul pension board using to all-out sweet deals >> the man who okayed at least 8 top union leaders to double dip to pensions for the same job is james capasso jr.. runs chicago labor pension board. investigation found james capasso jr. have broken federal law trying to double dip himself bogus time sheets show worked james capasso jr. for local 1001 but he never did. given the job by sun and all of chicago crime boss tony big tuna accardo two men kicked out of the union for ties with chicago outfit signed his fraudulent time sheets. james capasso jr. kicked out of union but did not stop him from keeping his six figure job that he has had for nearly half century. watching over chicago billion dollar pension fund. mayor took questions about pension abuses raised by wgn and tribune editorial meeting today committed to dealing with the pension problem but would not budge on specific abuses we've reported. >> we need to have a comprehensive look at this cannot have the short cut just dealing with stories and everybody else is off of
to bring 130 dogs from afghanistan to the u.s.. the trip costs $3,500. >> these are all letters that have little notes and then. >> the puppy are arrived at o'hare airport on sunday. now he is adjusting to life. it has been hard for tim to adjust to life in afghanistan without his best friend but they cannot wait to greet him when he returns home. >> this has been the best and the world. i have a piece of him here. >> katie is working hard to raise money for the puppy rescue mission. she would like to make sure other dogs like leo have the opportunity to find permanent homes in the u.s. spent a >> turning their tragedy to a teaching moment, a couple lost their son. they're hoping to educate about tip over debts and how to prevent them. >> rescued six days after his car fell off of a cliff. how this and did >> parents of a young boy killed when a dresser fell on top of him are using his death as a way to raise awareness. we have more on how they are getting their message across to other parents of young children. >> this past february, the child turned a key. he never went anywhere without
are watching us around the country on wgn 6Ñamerica and on the web. ÑÑmetra was flooded bombarded with e-mail's phone calls andññññ letters from angry commuters >>some of these fares are going up as high as 69% for chicago commuters >>now metra is talking about mmaand increase of 25%. but @commuters are still angry saying it's still too much considering the service passengers are receiving >>quite frankly the service has gotten worse progressively over the years if you plan to have fare hikes the corresponding services have to get better it's just that simple. >>the board meeting will have commuters sound off on these proposed tarifffare hikes ... for both urban and suburban passengers there's a deficit of $65 million in the 2012 budget. >>passengers are saying that the hike is way too steep and unfair. metra took a second look and are making adjustments: for example a 15.7% increase on one-way ticket and monthly passes would increase 29 1/2%. commuters say it's still too much >>people don't have jobs there using mass transit more and increase like this is tough on people who
urquhart used in a drive-by shooting all sleep reported damaged an unrelated incident a judge set bond today $2.5 billion bondbeachem and 2 for richmond, both come fast both confessed. >> looking upon members of rival gang he thought had killed a fellow gang member's sister >> one of two guns recovered suspect this to intended target instead of striking the innocent bystander bittersweet. the family that bought for step in a log journey we are appreciative to anybody who played a part in bringing these people forward. investigators focusing on one more person believed to the end of the the shooting police say they know exactly who they are looking for the man charged with attempted murder shooting of police officer of last night 20 year old william wright backed it to appear in court tonight shot while at 132nd and langley at the garden neighborhood officer and partner went up to a group of people to ask about gunshots that had heard one guy ran away turned abroad and shot the officer in the lack now recovering from wounds. kerry lucky very lucky femoral artery france right next to
. the current u.s. agreement for keeping troops in the country expires at the end of the year. after more than eight years this discussion will effectively and the united states role in a rock. >> today as promised the rest of our troops and iraq come home by the end of the year. after nearly nine years america's war in iraq be over. over the next two months our troops and iraq will pack up their gear and a board convoys for a journey home. the last american soldier will cross the border with their heads held high, of their success, and knowing the american people stand united in the support for our troops. that is out america's military action in iraq landwill end. as of january 1st and keeping with our strategic agreement it will be a normal relationship, between seven nations. >> since the start of the war more than 4400 american troops have been killed. >> we will have more on this story at 5. celebrations are taking place all over libya after moammar gadhafi death. he was killed yesterday in his hometown of sirte. and it will formally to killdeclared liberation tomorrow. >> we have a rock
the cause of death but did say this sharp cutting instrument used in the incident and that is all they are saying and the 39 per cent of interest held for questioning no charges filed >> breaking news tonight word infant shot chicagos outside unconfirmed reports infant shot by a seven year-old. happened before 8:00 tonight 63rd and laflin police say to me early to disclose details still gathering information to not know how old specifically the baby is unconfirmed reports baby shot by a seven year-old crew on the scene to get the latest as soon as we get that >> the security breach midway airport investigated by federal transportation authorities and the chicago police 33 year old elvis jackson held on $35,000 bond after he somehow got into a secured area midway without boarding pass elvis jackson arrested last night before getting on southwest flight 9082 per let birmingham alabama using cameras to figure if security chicago got a different airport arrival plane at midway where do we begin in springfield? tensions job protest lawmakers override it gov. quinn veto a bill allowin
viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. >>police in the southwest suburbs are looking for two people in the kidnapping and robbery of an elderly woman that happened yesterday in oak lawn where judy wang has a live report >>detectives are in the process of following up many leads the victim was in a one year-old woman from the southwest side kidnappers took from the grocery parking lot forcing her across the street to an atm to try to withdraw $9,000 >>the ordeal started and ended in the grocery store parking lot after 3 wednesday afternoon the woman was so scared she did not report that until the following morning, she was physically shaken and extremely scared she felt that she was going to die they tried to killer they probably would have felt she had not turned over the money. she slept on a she want to go home to her comforts on but she did get up early in the morning in kelman to the station to report the crime she knew it was what she had to do she did not want others to be victimized >>this man and this woman in surveillance video approach
afternoon i am steve sanders >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers were watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. rich king joins us live from wrigley field with more >>the cubs just backed the baseball executive of the decade ... a five-year contract we just had a news conference he stressed getting the team up on the fundamentals of baseball and building a strong foundation and he spoke a lot about his vision ... >>baseball is better with tradition baseball is better with history baseball is better with cancer care baseball is better in ballparks like this baseball is better during the day and baseball is best of all when you then. that is ultimately why i am here today. >>baseball is better when you win but it may take the cubs a little bit of time this is an organization that has led the league in errors os couple of years ... theo epstein is still talking to the media behind me he is a two-time championship winner and boston is the new face here he believes in scouting along with the data analysis and computer work and working with those resources ... if he
we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. >>the robbers are armed and dangerous wgn's judy wang reports some residents are asking for more police officers in the neighborhoods >>in their community alert police urged north west side residents to spread word on these incidents >>the most recent robberies happen early near the 400 block of north monticello and albany park residents think it's alarming that they're in some cases >>its high number in they're getting away with it at that is scary. >>i have rival gangs on the block and on the block behind me >>we need more after-school programs for these kids who need help >>police are looking for three suspects in each incident men approached their victims in an alleyway and pulled out handguns to get cellphones and other electronic devices >>most of the robberies occurred between 4:00 p.m. and midnight in ravenswood manor albany park as well as irving park >>the manner described as an african american over 5 ft. tall 180 lbs. wearing dark hair didn't sweatshirt's and blue jeans
were watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web ... >>the small town of tiskilwa illinois was evacuated this morning after an explosive like freight train derailment ... the 112 car train also had tanker cars loaded with highly flammable methanol. the train derailed at 2:00 a.m. and the town of 800 about 150 mi. west of chicago. no injuries were reported in the fires were reported under control by 8:30 a.m. emergency responders from seven surrounding communities were at the scene joining us we have a report from w q a d television ... many people were evacuated several made their way to a local high school where the red cross set up an emergency shelter 10 mi. north of town. these evacuees were given breakfast and lunch and a place to rest something many of them are thankful for after this morning's abrupt beginning. >>i said holy mackerel ... i thought it was a jet that crashed close to the ground it sounded like a swoosh. >>the cafeteria is serving as an emergency shelter it was put up in less than one hour after word of the fire ... the kids at the school h
the building trades that used to be in the housing industry into the office building construction, it is double that. have them rebuild our schools and our roads because we have 21st century economy sitting on a 20th- century infrastructure. he also focused on topics like safer streets and stronger schools and more stable finances which are some of his major concerns for chicago, the president and the economy were high on the mind of one church leader in robinson to, anthony williams called on lawmakers to act on the president's jobs bill in cited a 40 percent unemployment rates >> we have third-world statistics and people need jobs we need jobs right now the president is on the right track and we cannot be a country that is divided. >> williams also called on chicago's african-american congressman jackson and russia and davis to unite behind a jobs bill to help the passage to be assured of. >> the former basis for the ban tweezer is found dead in his hotel room in chicago a 40 year-old mike died at the wrong file hotel yesterday afternoon hotel staff found him after he failed to check out o
are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. dili pontians muriel clair is live at lyons township high school with our top story ... >>kelly o'laughlin was stabbed to death at her family home is believed she walked in on a home invasion her body was discovered by her mother. this death was upsetting to the lions township community in her memory the white ribbons are tied around every tree and every light pole and her schoolmates are greeting after constructing a makeshift shrine in her memory >>i didn't know her personally but everyone knows everyone here and everyone wants to support everyone and this time of grief it's a sad thing that this happened to one of our own >>lots of people knew her is like losing a close friend. >>visitation will be wednesday and thursday in countryside between 4 and 9:00 p.m. a funeral mass will be at 945 friday morning at st. john of the cross church in western springs. >>police are looking for her killer and have notified pawnshop owners to be on the lookout for gold coins that were taken from the home there is a $20,000 reward for in
this was a burglary not releasing too much information any new information becomes available. >> used to former governor rod blagojevich a lot to say tonight brother rob talking about ethics investigation into the dealings of congressman jesse jackson jr. here with the story >> says jesse jackson jr. a lot of unanswered questions and now robert blagojevich would be happy to answer some of his own before the committee handling the investigation into south side carter spent but tonight answering questions from us from home town of national >>, rod blagojevich brother robert blagojevich working hard since all charges and dismissed against him last year after being accused of furthering a scheme to help sell the united states senate seat while his brother convicted on 17 charges robert blagojevich backup antenna seat writing letters to all 10 members of u.s. health committee on ethics >> still committed as a citizen to help the house ethics committee to seek the truth if that is what they are trying to do and it might experience in federal court under oath might be helpful in their investigation
dine dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. >>judy wang has the top stories >>the chase was for 30 minutes through several south side neighborhoods ending in bronzeville >>the suspect was trying to get away while shooting at police along the way more than six hours after the chase ended with a crash of forensics team was still going over the van. chicago police chased at hand for 30 minutes through several south side neighborhoods it all came to an end at the prairie shores apartment complex in bronzeville ... police believe the vehicle had been stolen and an earlier carjacking. the ordeal began just after two in the morning at 100 set out normal avenue where police spotted the van it went north on i 57 and then on to the dan ryan expressway where police joined in the pursuit. pavane eventually slammed into a light pole. suspects were taken into custody and people arrived after hearing a loud boom >>it sounded like a lot allowed car accident and i became suspicious i thought this was pretty close when i s
safe passage is a top priority and the district has increased funding for its own program that uses community watchers watch over students travelling abroad never nuts, the teachers' union says it is even more critical now as some schools have shifted to a longer day. when criminal activities are occurring on vacant properties it puts them in a more vulnerable position. >> chicago teachers union officials will be meeting with aldermen tomorrow to talk more about how mayor emanuel said ministration has gone about instituting a longer day on a school by school basis and also on the agenda we are told the safe passage ordinance and other union backed proposal would deal with tip bonds. >> talking to police involved shooting overnight in the woodlawn neighborhood on chicago's south side, a 17 year- old was part of a group in an area on 63rd street when police arrived, investigators say that the suspect began running away with one hand in his waistband and after repeated warnings the officers thought he might be in danger from a gun and shot him in the abdomen. police say they're still
and not being able to get their children away >> mcintosh revolutionary made computers easier to use with a strange device called a mouse expensive and sales were sluggish in 1985 steve jobs forced out of apple but just warming up in 1986 purchased pixar animation studio at the computer company technology is still innovative apple ultimately bought bringing steve jobs back to the company he soon became ceo. in his tenure introduce technology that's forever changed the way we listen to music and use our telephone in august 2011 announced the resignation statement could no longer perform duty of ceo remain with apple as chairman of the board. blogging on esthetics and attention to detail, followed his heart and with technology changed the world. in an email just made public apple ceo tim cook tells employees celebration on his extraordinary life being planned he brights be will honor his memory by continuing the work he loved so much and president obama said in an e-mail with condolences. >> blizzard of new proposals from illinois lawmakers trying to crack down on pension abuses revea
in the broadcast >> battling the weather most of the day joining us on the lakefront on north avenue beach? >> incredibly different difficult time hearing you in the wind to continue to be incredibly high and building into the night looking at right now potentially record breaking waves and honore of problems further inland for of the evening weather related issues upbound a citywide lakeshore drive starling late rush hour traffic scaffolding collapse and dig one person to the hospital downtown and this block a sealed off around chicago and wabash of floor window blown out by the strong wind at ground level felt like a midwest autumn gale like hurricane season in chicago. a day and night not good for man or beast or umbrella. lakefront bicycle and running path shut down this morning between grant and the bulletin guarded tonight they turned to night relentless pounding of the waves intensified low-lying spots east of the drive wearing down the shoreline with each roaming way for each erosion in progress as seen from sky cam at 9 and downtown not unbearable just miserable. even tonight as
pension triple play. capasso would not talk to us on camera but insists all the following the law allows individuals to double and triple dip when asked about his own pension problem that faced walked out of our meeting batt but problem nobody watching the folks who are making the decisions whether or not interpretation is one that you can or can't benefit from the system there and buys one of the bigger problems >> some of the folks sitting on the board supposed to police misconduct stopping pension abuse are themselves a double dippers and to the attorney for the board mr. heiss another character in this assorted plot you should know about help to capasso up with the generous interpretation of the lot using a double dipping also capasso personal attorney when kicked out of the you get for financial impropriety so attempt to talk to capasso tried contacting president and secretary as well as capasso attorney mr. heiss that you just sot as well as local 1001 representative yeutter did not return calls or would not comment on the story. look for the story on the subject tomorrow's chicag
crashed result of a chase source telling us otherwise three people as you said have been injured two men into a boy brought here to children's memorial hospital possible police chase began on the city's west side of route 430 pm the suv broadsiding a nissan maxima 4700 block of west at grant one man and boy inside the vehicle not involved in the alleged chase. the other meant being called an offender by one in the suv authorities also say the suv did in prior robbery the driver to cop speeding when police officer tried to pull him over near right and the cicero driver going mile and half of cicero and ought to grant slanted to the nissan maxima those who heard the crash work to nearby tell us in number of spots on the scene within seconds of. the impact police department not giving any official acknowledgement what led up to the crash investigators were on the scene tonight collecting evidence offender brought to illinois masonic hospital in good condition and the man in the boy in the other bickell listed with not like texting injuries the boy at children's memorial hospital so far no c
and to choose from among three retirement saving options >>in restaurant across the street from u.s. cellular field was paid for with public funding of that return on that investment. a wgn chicago tribune investigation found that the illinois sports facilities authority pay $3.2 million to build a book party at the park and another 3.7 million on water and sewer upgrades the authority agreed with the white sox owner jerry reinsdorf that the agency would not share any profits made at the restaurant there's been no comment from jerry reinsdorf or authority chairman emil jones. former gov. jim thompson who chaired the agency when the deal was made use the restaurant as another type of concession the white sox receive all concession revenue inside the cell to see more from the wgn to be an investigation watched our story at >>coming up next the occupied protesters around the country switch their focus and survivors in turkey plea for more shelter as cold weather complicates efforts to help those affected by the earthquake stocks are up today after european union leaders have agreed t
ahead find out what is growing faster than the u.s. population but first it is often the first stop for mexican immigrants in chicago next the church and the priests who are a part of the foundation of the city's pilsen neighborhood an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, available only from liberty mutual insurance if your car is totaled we give you the money to buy a car that's one model year newer, with 15,000 fewer miles on it. there's no other auto insurance product like it. and if you qualify for accident forgiveness you won't see your price go up due to your first accident. it's a better policy that gets you a better car. call... or visit one of our local offices today and we'll provide the coverage you need at the right price. liberty mutual auto insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? and you'll find an old catholic parish there ... for centuries st. pius the fifth has welcomed immigrant groups to chicago. >>it's a tradition that lives today with the passion of one remarkable man wgn's julian crews
with us outsiders dating back to the late 1980's white sox baseball fans beside themselves >> pretty good player pretty sure can do a good job as a manager >> most definitely a turning a page. many fans of the twitter waiting and congratulations and best wishes also saying congratulations nolan ryan public him and a half block. tumor on the south side turning that around waiting >> the world continues to mourn the loss of american pioneer apple founder steve jobs died yesterday at the age of 56 years old long battle pancreatic cancer marcus leshock greatness of american or original. >> the man was absolutely extraordinary >> words echoed across the world today consumers and colleagues are remembering the life of apple founder steve jobs. memorials like this one at the apple headquarters in cupertino calif. have popped up across the country gathering around the michigan avenue store to pay respect >> changed life the way we do things running businesses apple products definitely changed our lives contributed so much to the world so much closer love him as a person >> competitors and
for the 2012 u.s. pair olympic team. >> others are racing just to finish and to raise money. >> i am a teacher so i am running for the academy of young men. >> this is my favorite marathon and i wanted to try to qualify for the u.s. olympic qualifiers. as we mentioned before 100 countries and all city-state's will be represented tamara, illinois has the most runners with about 20,000, the top five states after illinois are indiana michigan in new york wisconsin and california. mexico has the most runners tomorrow with about 1500 followed by canada united kingdom france and brazil. we thought it was next weekend, net next weekend. speaking of the heat what about it for tomorrow? >> in fact next weekend would have been a better weekend to run the marathon but it will be warm out there and great for the spectators. there are showers out in the central plans but they will stay out of the area, this is a very slow-moving weather pattern. our high today was 82 degrees but it is not going to be that warm while the runners are running. our forecast models keep all of that weather out to ou
this is not a happy occasion for us several top officials were in court for the sentencing including police superintendent garry mccarthy >> tonight tears flowing at the emotional vigil for murdered southwest suburban girl of the 14 year-old killed by a burglar home from school at the indian head park police department with the latest >> currently a 40-50 detectives working the case sources say police questioning person of interest but so far no charges filed. meanwhile tonight at the high-school impressive turnout for candlelight vigil. many of the students in tears as they held candles and each other trying to understand how anybody could have murdered their classmate kelli o'laughlin hundreds of students teachers and parents gathered in front of the south campus lyons township high school for tonight's vigil people we spoke with who grew up with her said she was a wonderful friend always somebody to talk to >> she was the sweetest nicest girl you'll ever meet >> most students did not know her very well supporting friends and family >> alcala thing that happened and i do not know eve
on city hall to take an afternoon on steve sanders and i'm dina bair. robert jordan joins us live from city hall with today's top story. >> well over 100 of the group occupied chicago were arrested saturday night in grant park for curfew violations when they pitch tents and decided to remain beyond 11:00 hour. two nurses who were working the first aid station were also arrested then this morning members of the union showed up to voice support. the nurses marched on city hall are angry at the mayor and the chicago police department for making arrests in grant park during the protest. >> the mayor does not respect that tradition the democratic tradition of free speech or the right for people to stand up and protest. and he does not appreciate the right to give care to protesters. >> he says he understands that right but he is also obligated to withhold a lot. >> we appreciate the first approach on thatamendment. but we have to uphold the law which is there is a curfew on grant park. >> the curfew starts at 11. everybody was told it starts at 11 is my understanding the arrested not
for casino but wishes governor would be more site specific. joining us now about the governor's proposal to scale down the casino bill chicago tribune reporter rick pearson. thank you for joining us >> little bit here and a little bit there and frankly first comment way too top heavy haven't said that tried to get voters to put together a package the old st. people who love sausage should not see how what is being made a lot of elements governor has basically sent them back to ground zero still may never happen. >> we talked before hand and you said haven't slot machines at racetracks actually might enhance the yes vote downstate why is that? >> to pass a bill cannot just have the votes for regional legislators also need downstate illinois in the components that allows racetrack slot machines money for the horse racing and horse breeding and agricultural industry have been hard and illinois and this would be a way to get those downstate votes that you need to pass the bill adding to the component for get the legislators are around a racetrack amenities cannot get a casino bill passed
afternoon and i am steve sanders >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us from countryman wgn america and on the web. >>our top story this suspects are being questioned julian crews is live in the avondale neighborhood with details on those attacks >>people were going to work kids were in school and a pair of armed robbers burst into this single-family home and opened fire and the neighbors are stunned in this northwest community this is 3410 north lawndale and just after 840 this morning to armed gunmen burst into this home to people inside the home were shot according to police their rush to illinois masonic hospital in serious to critical condition. a policeman told us that a third person was taken to the hospital but his injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. >>people in this community can't believe this happened in the neighborhood >>a very scary very startling we work with our families here in the neighborhood it's scary to know that our mother may be here when we are not tough. >>the police were able to take to gunman into custody just a
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sector average and work rules tie the hands of managers preventing us from reporting in the vast majority of workers who show up every day working hard for our customers. tonight bob kelly president of the cta us and train operations you get called him out for not coming to the u get first with the budget numbers and ideas to reduce the deficit including so- called archaic work rules. batt but never any conversation with changes no idea what he is referring to appears mr forrest claypool to take this to the media and try to win public support. >> public support may be what forrest claypool needs by his numbers only 81 million of the $227 million deficit actually comes from operating costs. still he backed away from talk of a fare increase pointed cta workers instead some awful he says call off work on it back to their bases. hopeful there will have in the interest of their members to maximize the numbers protect their jobs and benefits and salaries and provide relief from the crazy work rules preventing us from providing good service. >> you get forrest claypool backing away from the mi
leader out and happened chicago reaction and economic impact it could have bought all of us. starting with a day in libya with reporter barbara hall >> cries of jubilation rang through the streets of tripoli world leaders weighed in on the historic importance of the location >> marks the end of a long and painful chapter for the people of libya would out of the opportunity to determine their own destiny in a new democratic libya >> libyans officials say revolutionary forces found moammar gadhafi in his hometown of video appears to show the former leader captured and still alive libyans ambassador to united states says moammar gadhafi and killed in a shootout between revolutionaries and his loyalist forces. in this video several fighters seen surrounded moammar gadhafi courts and shouting >> free six hours old the first time >> greatest movement and all of my life >> libyans celebrating the end of a eight month revolt and one that for years 40 years of tyranny will be struggles as the country moves towards democracy batt but let us recognize immediately this is only the end of th
is also used her town credit card on the weekend and on holidays fifth larry dominick said those expenses are approved by the health board >>chicago teachers union president karen lewis is turning to the city council for support in her feud with mayor rahm emanuel. karen lewis me with several alderman today to give it teacher side of the story on several major issues dividing her union with the mayor >>the union has been running into stumbling blocks they are now calling on the aldermen to come and meet with them throughout the day today said that they can inform the aldermen on some issues that they feel are important the cpu faces the meetings will go into the afternoon ... they wish to lay their grievances on the table and talk about some solutions and issues that the cpu union faces a long lin >>we're looking at the resources into the curriculum ... and other important issues >>we want to find out from the teachers' union with the impediments are and how we will go about trying to get rid of them and we will close the gap to allow this to move forward it's not to change positions
rules with cta costing the agency tens of millions of dollars a year that could be used to reduce pressure on fares or preserve service for our customers as well as jobs for union employees. >> cannot have a person work 13- 14 hours >> the union which represents cta workers today called a forrest claypool to sit down at the table rather than airing grievances to the media calling it unfair >> you want to sit down and talk let us sit down and talked stop going to the media when you do that i have no choice >> forrest claypool says trying to be open about what changes he wants to make >> this is a public agency taxpayer money hard-working people to pay every day to ride the system >> forrest claypool trying to close $277 million budget deficit next year 40 million of which he says from outdated union work rules changes now made for non-union workers at this as need to happen system wide. >> strong position to ask unions to turn with us to recognize incredibly difficult economic times and help us preserve jobs and service with common sense work rule reforms. >> one thing forr
, the money raised will be used to benefit the mercy home for boys and grows the boys and girls club a dog park and high school all matter. its fund-raising efforts have reached as far as south africa where the money pays for a fresh water well. >> when she died they said we're going to start a foundation. it is her legacy we're continuing her legacy. she was doing what she loved and she got more in her 40 years than i have in my 70. she gave everything her 100 percent. >> her family hopes that today's what will become an annual event. still to come this sunday, we had to washington where thousands paid tribute to dr. martin luther king jr. and his legacy. star-studded celebration as former president bill clinton celebrated an important milestone. plus a man who is hoping to be the next republican candidate for president has clarified his latest controversial statement. >> today we had seasonal temperature surrounding the chicago area but will be 10-15 degrees cooler by mid-week. ♪ more and more folks are trying out snapshot from progressive. a totally different way to save on
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creditors directly or to find a non-profit agency near you, visit debt advice dot org. tell us about the indian summer. >> there is a frost advisory tonight it will be outside the tri-state the overnight low temperatures will drop to 41-42 degrees just above the defrost threshold. if you live up north you will probably wake up to some frost. temperatures were quite cool today 56 degrees. a looks like the next seven days will be sunny and around chicago a great week temperatures are expected to rise. there is a pocket of cold air over the great lakes. we could see a 80 degree temperature at on a few days before the weekend. we will have another batch of cold air heading toward chicago a week from sunday. these are temperatures across the great lakes. right now out at o'hare is 49 degrees. this is the aerial coverage for the frost advisory. this is the first sign of winter. this is a temperature forecast notice what happens tomorrow morning as we speak this along with time temperatures will improve quite a bit. it is practically, with it winds tonight. skies across the area are clear 4
blagojevich joining us now with the very latest >> asking price is no secret it is just over $1 million, up regardless of how you might feel private real-estate markets house has stories to tell maybe that will factor into the sales price rod blagojevich century hideout after two federal trials and a conviction this summer governor and his wife says time to sell the family home. >> not just a house is a home lived here since 1999 the only halt the children have ever known >> listing agent for a realty sunnyside street also seller husband potentially weeks away from learning how long he will be behind bars has decided with his wife to the home of 12 years up for sale >> hard decision we tried for a long time to hold on but we are unfortunately like many americans and cannot afford to stay in the house for any longer >> 5 bedrooms and three bathrooms is 3800 square feet and by all accounts a pretty nice place to live and raise a family but for rod blagojevich strapped for cash and preparing for present and for the house became impossible some neighbors have mixed feelings >> going through
of fortune of proposed legislation that would allow a red light cameras to be used to speed enforcement devices brizard and noted that one-third of chicago public school students walk to school and that means exposure to chicago drivers. >> when you look at the statistics and you know what it does to a kid if it saves one life one family's pain, it is worth it. this is not about revenue. any money would go back to safety enhancement and creating more safety around the school. >> read like camera opponents like the national motorists association say that the cameras encourage revenue driven enforcement of statistics show there are 861 accidents involving pedestrians within a quarter of a mile of a school or park in chicago between 2005- 2009. >> a vote coming up in the state senate this week could affect your checking account the proposal of an annual rate tight on utilities rate height on utilities, they urged lawmakers that one high grades every year for the next 10 years, aarp says its poll of 800 registered voters found that nearly seven in 10 oppose the annual increase even if it
prepared and kankakee county naacp came just two days after the ex governor's brother robert spoke to us from his home town and natural publicizing his offer to testify about jackson before the house panel, his rent every member of the committee and says because he wants to tell them of to the congressman allies who blagojevich's says offered him money for the senate seat when he was heading up his brother's campaign. >> i believe i have a story to tell that has been told primarily under oath and i think you'll find that relevant to the truth. >> he was charged alongside his brother on federal corruption charges, he was not convicted and says his only interest years one of justice. during the blagojevich's trial he testified that he never directed anyone to raise money for another politician and denies ever having met dx governor's brother. >> from the data started there was never anybody more innocent than me. eva >> from the day this started there was never anybody more innocent than me. >> fodder for his challenger next your primary former representative did the albertson. >> ha
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